Why us?
We can think of a few hundred
million reasons.



Right now, there is a C-level executive facing a great deal of complexity surrounding a decision that could impact the company's growth, with hundreds of millions of dollars hanging in the balance. In times like these when internal opinions are rampant and insights on next steps are lacking, executives in industries from industrial and technology to financial services and healthcare have worked with Michael Casaburi for the precision he brings to the table through his assessments.

His ability to be amazingly nimble and customized to each company's needs have resulted in the kind of growth plans that provide clarity to some of the largest companies in the world. It's a track record of 20 years of trust that continues today in Revulus.

How else can you accurately assess us? Through examples such as these:

As a global industrial company was challenged to prioritize their growth initiatives, a deep assessment was required of the company's customer base, its competitors and its opportunities for growth. Through a tailored growth strategy program, the company's top initiatives were pursued both inside and outside of the core business.

When one of the world's largest corrugated box producers was considering an expansion of their plant capacity, analysis of their marketplace – including customers and competitors – uncovered all the vital factors necessary for the company's management to make a truly informed decision on going forward.

One of the world's largest banks needed to identify growth opportunities for its core business. Analysis helped discover over $300 million worth of these opportunities – and the client implemented them.

A global technology company felt a threat from new competitors in its industry was possible yet couldn't fully identify who these competitors were and how to leverage opportunities against them. A specialized growth strategy not only identified these new competitors but reallocated millions of dollars to help the company better defend its position in the marketplace.

At times, analysis can actually provide the insight to show that the best move for a company is not making one. Case in point: When a North American health care company was considering the market for a new product it might develop, a deeper level of analysis provided the clarity that, in fact, the company could not become a market leader with such a product. As a result, the product was not developed, potentially saving the company millions of dollars and wasted effort.


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