The Fortune 500 has counted on his guidance for two decades. It's time you discovered why.



Not just anyone can be chosen as the top consultant out of 110 others for building firm assets. But that's precisely what Revulus CEO Michael Casaburi has done for 20 years to generate results for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries.

How does he do it? For one, he's always understood the meaning of the phrase "hands on" as well as any manager. While at Bain & Company, he created the workshop-based "Strategy Excellence Program," facilitated in-depth management discussions among senior executives and designed powerful growth strategies that would last for years to come.

Even where others might provide a detailed workshop that lasts a day or two, Michael has viewed the client relationship as so much more.

"You can't merely uncover where the problems lie and suggest a plan of action. You have to help the client see it through so that implementation is fully realized and embraced. Without this very important step, what was initially enthusiasm over the experience turns to frustration very rapidly.

This is a major reason why our relationships at Revulus last well beyond an initial deep dive. We go far beyond assessment to track performance against our action plan, confirm that buy-in at the most crucial levels is occurring and create an atmosphere of accountability that clients demand of us and themselves. Giving a workshop and hoping for the best just isn't an option for us. We are every client's partner in ensuring success is fully realized from our programs for the long-term."

Michael has advanced degrees from Wharton, Harvard, and Boston College and is a former Reserve Officer. He lives in Chicagoland with his wife and children.


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